The Croton Caring Committee is pleased to welcome Carrie Sena as its new Executive Director. Carrie comes to the Committee with extensive experience in project management, event planning and grants administration which she amassed throughout her career in healthcare and research administration. She has lived in Croton for close to three years during which time she has observed and been inspired by our community’s sense of caring and giving.

As Executive Director, Carrie will administer the Committee’s existing initiatives, and, in parallel, develop new programs. Her immediate plans will include speaking with and learning from members of the community and thinking creatively and collaboratively about how we, as a community, can further the Committee’s mission.

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our three new board members:  Grace Bender, Mary Gilligan and Maria Rykowski.  Together, the Board of Directors and Executive Director will continue to fulfill our mission:  to enlist the resources of the community to help the frail, elderly, homebound, handicapped or families in need of temporary assistance, enabling them to maintain their independence and dignity.

Please keep an eye out for opportunities to meet Carrie, and for the relaunch of many of our programs.

Hollis Anzani
President, Croton Caring Committee

                      Carrie Sena, Executive Director

                     Carrie Sena, Executive Director