I feel comfortable and secure in my own home.  Transportation for shopping on the Village bus initiated by Croton Caring Committee in 1990, and medical appointments and an emergency alert system allow me to stay independent. -- Marge

After giving up my car, it became increasingly difficult to make medical appointments.  Thanks to the dedicated volunteers with the Caring Committee, this is no longer a problem.  -- G


The luncheons and breakfasts are wonderful for catching up with friends.  Having a social life makes me feel included and involved in my community. -- Helen


When it became apparent my mother could no longer live alone I didn't know what my options were.  The Caring Committee helped identify government resources and assisted with nursing home placement, all with dignity, respect and confidentiality. -- R


As a single parent it's tough to make ends meet sometimes.  The holiday baskets and gifts, food coupons and school supplies allow my family to feel less stressed about meeting our basic needs. -- Sadie


It was becoming more and more obvious my elderly neighbor was struggling to maintain his health and home.  I wanted to help but didn't want to offend him.  I made an anonymous call to the Caring Committee and am now happy to see him comfortable and cared for. -- A Concerned Neighbor